Hello and thanks for visiting our site...we are The Walker's Movement a nonprofit organization...we truly believe in helping others while we help ourselves...


I founded this organization September 03, 2007 in an attempt to do just that...”help others while I helped myself...we encourage everyone to value their ability to move, because I know personally how hard it is to regain mobility.  I had a 2 year bout with Depression where I spent 23 hours in bed for that entire 2 years, when I woke up...I weighed 350lbs and I could barely walk to the next room.


I began to move right there in that bed...each movement and step I made seemed very small but once put all together it was huge and was a life saving experience for me. Those movements lead to a Stretching routine that eventually got me up and walking.


The steps were small and painful at first but again those small steps added up to some continuous improvements in my mobility, my mind, my body, my quality of life, this is just a piece of my JOURNEY...the messages we bring are simple but real and they are instantly rewarding.  Please take a look around our site...see if there is something that can help you maintain, improve and/or increase your mobility...We Would Love For You To Join Our Organization that “Helps Others While We Help Ourselves”.




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EMAIL: tonya@thewalkersmovement.org


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